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On 20.3.2022 at 5:29 AM, Belmont85- said:

Hello everyone, i have gotten both the platinum on ps4 and ps5 and i decided before i stop with this game and delete it, i post screenshots and explain what i build to help the community get the platinum quicker and not be stuck on bosses.






So i used the weapon bloodhound fang +10 and Mimic Ashes +10. For talismans i used radagon soreseal - erdtree favor +2 - rotten winged sword insignia and shard of alexander. Equipment was the maliketh set but before you get that you can use either radahn armor set or black knife set.

And for the attributes most important are vigor and dex for this build, go for 60 vigor and 80 dex first before anything else.


Most of the time you want to use the special weapon move l2+r2 for maximum dmg and avoiding hits as you do backflip and forward charge and it does a ton of dmg.

If you use everything that i used you will have no trouble with any boss, even malenia.

Good luck all!


Is it just me or do the screenshots no longer work?


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10 hours ago, NickB_85 said:

Thanks for the info. I'm currently using this on my current game and it helps a ton!! What are you using in your physic? Or you don't bother with that? 


Didnt really matter much but i used the crimsonburst for hp regen over time and dexterity knot for bonus dex. Good luck with your playthrough, and i am glad my build is working for you!

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12 hours ago, enaysoft said:

Any particular reason for that choice of armour, or does it help with attack and stuff?


No reason for that armor, i just found it cool looking. It is the weapon and talismans that makes the playthrough much easier, the armor is just for looks.

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