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End of Torment issues


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Short and sweet.


I'm after epilogue. I have the prophecy. Tried multiple times to activate Nyx/Hades/Meg to talk about Sisyphus and neither wants to talk about him*. Checked the Chamber for documents but nothing spawns. 


Anyone had this problem or similar? Is this really that much of a rng? 


Edit* - they talk a lot, but none about this. I have maxed affinty with every character mentioned above (keylock on Sis obviously) 

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On 18.04.2022 at 9:09 AM, DavySuicide said:

I have the same problem can you tell me what you did?

I had to talk more with Meg as a boss. The solution was in the difficulty modificators. Set first region to have harder boss fight (so that Meg is almost guaranteed to show even if as a addition), win the fight, die and repeat until Meg gives her dialogue in main hub area.

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