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R2 acceleration problem Beyond the Horizon Slipstream


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I was stuck in the slipstream mission of beyond the horizon for hours. Then looking a video of a friend I realized that even full throttle I overtake the other cars later than my friend, so I change the accelerator to the X and get 252 km/h first try (before that I only barely reach 246).


Is funny cause with this controller using R2 I get all gold on licenses except S8, 9 and 10 with no problem (S8,9 & 10 are untouched yet).


I don't know if is a bug of slipstream missions or an overall problem and I should buy a new controller.


Anyone with a DS4 can test it the diference between accelerating using R2 or X in that mission?

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There's actually wind that can either slow you down or make you go faster during the slipstream missions. Maybe you had tailwind after you changed your accelerator from R2 to X?



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18 hours ago, sXe_SiC_ said:

Maybe your R2 button not working properly anymore? You can check it online. 


Gonna try this later as my R2 has been gone for ages lol. For racing games I just use accessibility and swap R1 and R2.


R2 works for just pressing it, but I remember being on F1, and I couldn't get past 5th gear on the straights haha. It is my original controller from 2014, so it still holds up for most games.

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I can confirm that accelerating with X button works fine and can get gold first try on that mission.


On license S8 using R2 I can get gold, but on S9, I only manage to get silver at 0.4s, using X I can get gold without any problem.


It's really a handicap and now I'm looking for a new controller.

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14 hours ago, Steven-Spiegel said:

With the 1.08 patch, there is no wind in slipstream missions.


Oh, okay then. Didn't notice they removed it with the 1.08 update, since I did them all with version 1.06. Then just forget what I said, sorry.


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