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Warning: last checkpoint on the train in Phoenix

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Hi, just a warning to anyone starting a playthrough.  On the last bit of the train section in Phoenix I took cover from a sniper to regain health, killed the npc but the game had saved behind me which meant when it came to jumping before the tracks split I was out of time and the checkpoint kept putting me in a fail loop, essentially causing me to restart the chapter. In short, make sure you kill the sniper quickly.


This game has an unnecessary amount of checkpoints. Back in the old games getting a checkpoint was a sigh of relief as they were so rare, sending you way back if you messed up. Now i know why - it's to prevent nonsense like this.

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A bit late to the party, but this happened to me in the Numa Numa Trail mission where there is a trophy/achievement for not getting hit by the sniper rifle. I got a checkpoint a split second before the sniper starting shooting, and every other checkpoint reload I'd die because it wouldn't let me react quick enough to go prone. I actually quite enjoyed the campaign, but from the checkpoint system and AI, as well as length, you can tell it was very rushed.

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