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Platinum Speedrun 5 - 10 hours


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10 minutes ago, Ashbo said:

Hell, it'll take longer to read all this! ?


Fair play though mate for doing it, although i'd highly discourage new players from attempting to spam through this game regardless of speedruns or wanting the plat quickly. Just my opinion. 


Same mate, I do say above to play how you wish!!


It's just minimal requirements shown rather than being a walkthrough, showing the minimal requirements just naturally takes the form of a walkthrough! Can be used to follow all the way or just to reference occassionally or even rarely ;)


Think of it more as a detailed description for the Platinum Trophy within a Trophy Guide which usually just gets 'Obtain all other trophies to get this'!

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15 minutes ago, Smashero said:

Chapeau bas @Optinooby! Another mega-detailed "guide"!


It's no way near on par with a proper guide done on the Gameplay Guide editor, but it was either this or nothing as I don't have time for a proper Gamplay Guide. This along with videos will suffice. I used to note everything down on paper, but I've started doing it this way on Google Docs because then it's easier to observe, navigate and change stuff and this way I can share my notes also ;) 

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25 minutes ago, StygianWolf4 said:

As someone who (somehow) still hasn't played this game, this might come in handy in regards to what one needs to do, in a more specified way as opposed to other guides. Respect for the dedication though, give your fingers a rest sir! 


It's got a pretty OP simple build going if you just wanna reference that as well. I had to avoid using Legendary or Very Rare gear bar 1 piece as those take lots of extra work to upgrade.


We end up with a Very Rare weapon and Rare Outfit that combined can do about max 6k damage, but at basic about 1k damage, not bad really considering all the OP builds out there are all built around legendary gear which again, takes bloody ages to max out. Thing with the Legendary Gear, by the time you have it all maxed out, there isn't much to do with it, until NG+ arrives I guess ;)


This was actually a copy/paste from my Google Docs more or less, which was mostly typed out on phone xD

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