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Problem with trophy autopop

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It seems one of the trophies did not pop for me. The one with releasing Dark knight job. I suggest while you try download the cross save, download it in a different slot in case some don't pop up. So you can at least try to obtain it legitimately with an older save. 

If someone know a fix to my problem (dark knight job trophy not autopoping), let me know. Thanks

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13 hours ago, ArchoNils said:

did you try reloading the save or redownloading it? For me everything popped just fine right now.

No I started a new game and regained the trophy. It didn't take much time.

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a friend had the same problem, he restarted the game focusing only on this trophy.

on the other hand it was from the ps4 version to the ps5 version, so he started over on ps5.

I think you have to start again on ps4 and put your previous savegame aside to get it back when you have the trophy

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