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How stackable is Gran Turismo 7?


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Hey man,


First off, thank you for your hard work testing out trophy stacking for GT7.


I would like to add some info regarding this trophy:


On 3/23/2022 at 7:02 AM, C-spec_ said:

1. Three Legendary Cars - Acquired three legendary race cars that were once destined to win 24 hour races.
We have no clue which cars are exactly eligable and which are not - well, yet.

But as far as the stacking is concerned, I believe you have to buy at least 7 cars. Three different cars and then 4x one that fits the category, too, to unlock the trophy on every stack.

Expensive, but the trophies will unlock.


I waited to unlock that trophy on my PS5 "main" game before trying to unlock trophies for the PS4 stack. I'm happy to report that you don't need to buy one of the 3 legendary cars for the trophy to unlock on your second stack, any car will do.


I bought the R8 Gordini from the Legend Cars dealership and unlocked the following trophies at the same time:


Motor Mania (50 cars)

No Car, No Life! (100 cars)

Firm Favorite

Living with a Legend

Three Legendary Cars


That makes additional stacks substantially cheaper :)


EDIT: I've just seen that you have posted that info in the Three Legendary Cars thread already...

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I bought them all physically (was a bit expensive due to taxes, but can sell them again). Maybe it would be better to get them digitally in a year or two when the game is on sale?!


Edit: Finally got time to update the text in posting 1 ;)

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On 4/19/2022 at 5:15 PM, MonaSaxPayne said:

fingers crossed that when PD patches the cafe menu progression bugs, the entire list from another stack would auto pop. should be feasible since all the stats are stored server side


Pretty confident it'll get corrected considering it's listed as known issue in-game, likely a lower priority compared to other things that list had. Just more reason to buy PS4 disc and just pay the upcharge for PS5 for your first copy, or digital for both since it's technically a live-service game.


Figured the issue is like what most QA, they just do a first pass on trophies but don't really test the scenario "what about if player completes all X tasks on PS4 and none is left when they upgrade" as the trophy is likely tied to the local variable, and not a global where the game could actively be looking for conditions to be met to unlock, or even just upon loading data. That's likely how those instant stacks work.

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Re-playing it on the ps4 version and the 50 sport races havent popped after playing 3 online races . My profile on the ps4 version says i have 38 sport races completed. Did you have that issue with any of the stacks with this trophy? 

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1 hour ago, C-spec_ said:

Me? No, but I did the online races early after release when every race was counted as 2 races.

I did that as well. Most probably i will have to race the rest 12 which is not too much, but wanted to ask you. Thanks anyway! 

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1 hour ago, BrettyBoy said:

I'm planning to get this game at some point, so, auto pop works both ways? 

Yes it does. I got the platinum on ps5 first. I then used auto pop to get the other trophies. I did start on the NA PS4 version before they changed it so everything auto pops. 

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20.08.2022 в 21:50, NTGSruler сказал:

Некоторое время назад я получил платину на PS5. Могу ли я теперь автоматически перейти ко всем трофеям на PS4, если я установлю и запущу игру?

Yes, all regions. In total, you can get 5 platinum GT7

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