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How to get 100% in this game

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Hi everyone


This game is broken, don't start playing it unless you enjoy a monotonous boring grind from minute 1.


This game should not even be available for purchase because its massively broken. I regret buying it and i only completed afterwards because i did not want an incomplete game on my profile.


You can only fly your plane to the closest 3 islands from your home island, if you try travelling beyond this, the game will crash and you will get the blue screen of death.


So long as you are piloting the first plane, the missions you receive will be to fly between 2 of those 3 closest islands and then to return back to your home base.


If you buy the 2nd plane and you do not have enough cash to do all your upgrades, then your screwed because you wont be able to do any missions to get more cash, so don't do it like i initially did or else you will need to restart.


The cost of the upgrades are as follows (Thank you ASILENTENIGMA on the other post in the forum). I can confirm that these costs are accurate as i checked them when i did my upgrades.


Stork             LVL 1          LVL2         LVL3
= = = 
Fuel Tank     1000           1250          1500
HP                1000           1250          1500
Speed          1000           1250           1500

It costs 8775 to purchase the Chassny

Chassny       LVL 1          LVL2          LVL3
= = = 
Fuel Tank     2000           2500           3000
HP                2000          2500           3000
Speed          2000           2500           3000

It costs 10050 to purchase the Anonza

Anonza          LVL1           LVL2         LVL3
= = = 
Fuel Tank      4000           5000          6000
HP                4000           5000          6000
Speed           4000           5000          6000

So for everything you need 97575


Strategy for 100%


The aim of this game is to try and raise enough cash to cover your remaining upgrades in one go.


This will be $93,825 (Being the cost of all the upgrades - $97,575 - less the costs of the speed upgrades on plane 1 - $3,750.


Just to avoid confusion on this point, you will have already earned and spent the $3,750 in the first hour of the game getting yourself into a position where you start accumulating the large chunk of cash. I refer to this further down in my post.


Once you have raised all the cash and then upgraded all your planes, all but one of the other trophies are guaranteed to have popped. The remaining trophy may be the 10 loops, for this i would suggest flying the 2nd plane as its easy to control during loops.


When starting a new mission you need to enter the blue mission circle, keep walking in and out the circle until a red illegal mission appears on the map, check its destinations. Do not accept any mission which goes from Island P to Island K (vice versa) as this is the longest journey you could make and therefore not efficient if your aim is to complete this game as fast as possible. Always go from Island N to Island P (vice versa) or Island N to Island K (vice versa).


Once you pick up the goods from the first island go to deliver the goods. When you arrive one of 3 things is going to happen

1. They will pay you $2k

2. They wont pay you

3. You will get caught by the police and you will be fined.


If either 2 or 3 happens, do not confirm ok and immediately close the game, load back in and you will be back at the point before you fly off to deliver the goods. It is frustrating but at least you will get $2k each time.


You should only upgrade your top speed on the first plane to max. Don't upgrade any of the others as they consume the fuel faster and you will spend more money flying between the islands.





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I only picked missions that were on the first three islands.  Only select missions that are $400-$500 if possible and avoid losing money on illegal missions.  You can back out of the mission select menu to reload the missions.  I upgraded speed to level three and power and fuel to level 1 only on each plane until I had money to fully upgrade them.  You can purchase and upgrade planes as you like, just ensure that you only do missions for the first three islands.  Beware that upgrading power will make you use more fuel.

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Thanks for the workaround and posts, Parasol and Josh. So it looks like you can still 100%, just with a little annoyance of quitting, restarting and flying to only the closest islands.


So once you earn $100K, then buy the second and third plane and upgrade all of them?


Lastly, any rough time estimate it takes to 100% the game?

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Hi Vinster.


Yes your right with your summarised view. I can also confirm that the the plane upgrade costs on the other post is correct.


I would assume that you need to earn about $120k during the game ($100k upgrades & $20k to cover fuel costs whilst earning that $100k).


For time to 100%, i would assume 15 minutes per $2,000 (assuming 2 final journals on average). Therefore i would say 15 hours.


It is a very boring game though so if you have not started i would strongly suggest that you don't do it.



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Thanks for updating your original post, Parasol!


I got the game and 100% per your walkthrough. Yes, it was a boring grind but I wanted a break from those AAA games and wanted something mindless and simple for a while. Tbh, the grind is not that bad when you've played other crazy grinding games (cough*Warframe*cough.). The most annoying part is the non-payment or police bust and you have to retry. There were times when I got those like 7 or 8 times in a row!


You should make this into a Trophy Guide. Just a few more notes:

  • You can only buy the next plane after you've fully upgraded your first plane. A new button will appear in the menu after completing all upgrades for the first plane. The adjacent hangar in your original home base will open up with the new plane after you've bought it and going to that hangar circle will allow you to upgrade and then buy the third plane.
  • For the 'Delinquent' (Complete your first illegal order) trophy, it will not pop if you get the payment. My first few illegal runs were paid consecutively and I was wondering why the trophy didn't pop. Only when my next run was a police bust that the Delinquent trophy popped.
  • I never really needed to go 100% throttle. Even 20% throttle allowed me to fly at the max 270Mph speed for the first plane. Not sure if that saved on fuel cost.
  • On landing approaches, I usually cut down throttle to below 10% and land at around 100 to 140Mph.
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