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Blank list of missions


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I got this bug just now.


How it happened to me was I set up a split screen session with my other psn profile Polygon Pirate ( https://psnprofiles.com/Polygon-Pirate ).

Then I came in with my main, which is this one, and got both the co-op trophies. Then got the host ( which was Polygon ) to save and quit.


When I got those co-op trophies done I set up a single player session just with Wired-Warlock but when I looked at my mission menu they were all gone.

I had a cloud save very recent ( with a working quest list ) and I reverted to that save but it made no difference, it was still bugged out.

I suspect this problem is somehow tied to the online functionality because in my mind the cloud save should have worked!


Anyone else suffering this shitty bug?



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