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HELP!!! Flying Fortress Trophy Bug in Dawn of Ragnarok


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I cant unlock the flying fortress trophy in Dawn of Ragnarok on PS4. I tried a PS5 save, beginning the expansion from the beginning again and I tried to do the trophy on the PS5 and PS4 Pro Console but I cant unlock the trophy. I tried to fly on every Muspelheim Monolith and landing in the main area, on enemies and on top but the trophy wont unlock. Has anyone had the same problem or a solution?

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I got the Flying Fortress trophy now. I was save transfering my PS5 save into the PS4 Version and started playing with a save after I did the Flying Fortress Trophy on PS5 and the trophy didnt unlock. I then started a new save on PS4 before starting Dawn of Ragnarok and played to the point where I could do the trophy but it didnt unlock. I then tried not to play on PS5 Console instead I played on PS4 Pro Console and did it the same way at starting from the beginning of Dawn of Ragnarok till i got to the point to do the trophy but still it didnt unlock. I then decided to play again from my save after I got the platinum trophy more than 1 year ago and started at the beginning of Dawn of Ragnarok and tried at the point where I could get the trophy but it did not unlock. Now Finaly I thought of trying the same process again on the PS5 Version and transfer the save to the PS4 Version before I get to the point to fly to the Muspelheim Monolith and it Finaly Unlocked with this way of doing it.

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