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What is AST-AC-003 (consumable)?


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I am still mission 2 datacubes. I believe one of them is AST-AC-003. Does anyone know what it is?


Also, how many kind of consumables are there in the database? Does AST-AC-036 exist?


I have all artifacts unlocked from AST-AA-001 ~ 035. According to wiki, there are only 35 artifacts.


Unfortunately, wiki does not list the consumables.




If you know what is AST-AC-003 please tell me thanks. And please tell me if AST-AC-036 exists or there are only 35 consumables.




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A lot of Consumables are listed in the Collectibles Guide, though not by their log title.


I find myself having less and less faith in Wikis, they are only as accurate as the random writer inputting the info and a lot of finer details are missed.

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