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Need help with Retrival Trial

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Hey guys, I'm failing at this and it's clearly my fault because I don't know how to use the double jump x force dash combo correctly. I use the following input :cross::cross::l1::circle:. However most of the time instead of making a dash pressing :circle: will make my character just do a regular Force Push instead. Only very few times I'm actually dashing and I cannot tell the difference between my button inputs. Is it a timing thing? Do I tap or hold? Do I need to press in a certain direction? I feel like I've tried everything yet I keep messing up because I'm really bad at noticing such things when I don't know what exactly to look out for.

This trial is already tough on its own. But here the failure is definitely on me because I cannot even use the proper moves necessary to clear it. It's really frustrating not know what to improve on my approach. If anybody could help with feedback, I'd be really grateful.

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