Why is this platinum so rare?

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I'm planning to get this game tomorrow, but I wonder why the platinum is so rare, it is the difficulty? or is just a rare game to get a copy? 


Also, is someone is interested to get this game to complete it, count on me to boost  


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It's pretty simple:


The singleplayer campaign of this game can be the played with a normal controller. So a lot of casual players probably got the game and played the normal singleplayer campaign. 


But for the platinum you need PS move controllers (it's technically also possible with a normal controller but I imagine it's a pain in the ass). Most people don't have a move setup, so they might try those modes with the normal controller and quit them instantly because it plays like shit. 


This explains why the game has quite a lot game owners. 


Well and then there is the huge online grind on top of it. Which explains the low number of platinum achievers. 


And the combination of many game owners and few platinum achievers results in the rarity. 


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