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The Official "Wildly Unprepared for Honor's College" Wordle Challenge

Kristen Danielle

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I have been thinking lately and I've decided that I'd like to work on improving my vocabulary and writing skills, both for the university I've just applied to and to help me rewrite my novel and improve so that I can write others. To that end, I propose a WORDLE CHALLENGE!




1] Give me your PSN username and the username you use on your phone's "Game Center" if you have one. You must use the Wordle mobile app to play.


2] Complete the Daily Wordle puzzle every day for one month (May 1-31) beginning at 3 PM CST (1 PM PST, 2 PM MST, 4 PM EST, and 9 PM GMT) while following my specific parameters (to match your play style to mine). From May 2 onwards, you can do your daily puzzle at any time of the day. I just want us all to begin together.


3] Take a final screenshot of your total score and a screenshot of your final calendar showing every day in May checked off. DM these two screenshots to me with the subject "Wordle Challenge: (Your PSN Username)" when you have completed the final puzzle. You have all of April to sign up and practice your Wordle skills.




I set three specific rules for myself to make Wordle more challenging. You must follow these rules to participate.


A] You may not make any guess that you know is incorrect (based on what has already been revealed) just for the sake of finding out if a letter is there. Free guesses like this may only be used on the first guess and whenever all of the letters turn gray on a guess. This is the same rule that "Hard Mode" on Wordle's original desktop version consists of, but we will be doing this challenge on the Wordle app.




B] You may not listen to music with lyrics while solving your nightly puzzle because lyrics can give you ideas for words. You must come up with guesses from your own brain.


C] You must attempt to limit your use of darts and searches as much as possible. Use them only if you are truly stumped.




The person with the highest score on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 (do not play on this day; only play on May 1-31) will win a $20 PSN card. Comment below with your PSN and "Game Center" username to enter! ?

Edited by Kristen Danielle
I realized that I originally gave people too little time to sign up, so I have moved the challenge from April 1-30 to May 1-31. I have also increased the reward from $15 to $20.
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