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Solution: The foundation collectible glitch

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I think there is a glitch. I have 56 og 57 collectible.


and decribed in the youtube guide there is a collectible called the end of the world. Im missing it due skipping a scene i think. The mission supposed to be called take control. Anyone know how to fix this? Im on ps5


If you are missing 1 or even 10 collectible, its was easier to reload endgame regular playtrough and then go at a second run in foundation, this was all collectibles respawn and count towards the trophy.

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On 16.5.2022 at 1:41 AM, Gr4de_04 said:

Not entirely sure what you mean but i can say Take Control is the main games final mission. has nothing to do with the foundation DLC.

The collectible counter is glitched for some players. One collectible will not show within the game databank despite having picked it up. The good thing is that you can simply reload the endgame after you have finished everything else, walk to the Foundation DLC and pick up any collectible and it will count towards your overall progress. Takes 1-2 minutes to fix this glitch. 

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