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Trouble casting Lumos

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I started the game for the first time today and I'm having trouble casting Lumos to get rid of the Devils Snare.

Im currently on Platform 9 3/4, and stuck. (On year 5)

Im assuming the last ingredient for the potion is in the trunk the devils snare is covering but I can't advance because I need the potion to help me use the orange handle to open the gate.

It glows and I aim towards it but nothing happens. Im not sure if the spell needs charging or not.

HELP! lol

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I did that earlier in the game some how but I can't get the tip to light again /: I'll keep trying..

It's probably super easy, buy I don't get why Im having so much trouble, haha

EDIT: I've done it! I had to select Lumos and press circle! Haha, omg.

Thanks anyway for your help :P

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