Seeking the Platinum, but through Multiplayer!

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Hello folks! Hope you could help me on this doubt!


My friends and I got the Platinum playing Mudrunner all together. We pop up the so desired trophy together at same time under multiplayer! And we didn't find anywhere that says that cannot be done under Snowrunner as well.


However, I saw that are a lot of trophies that can be buggy on Snowrunner using multiplayer. I want to know if it is, indeed, impossible to get the platinum playing only multiplayer or if is there any trophies that are offline only.


Also, I saw the profile progress (money and xp) carry on between your local campaign and the one that is hosting on MP. Thinking on the logic, if one of us creates the host and play only on that host save, the trophies should pop up.


Is there any recommendations? I know this community is the best place that can give us some tips and directions.


Thanks a lot guys!


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As far as I know, all trophy glitches have been fixed with one of the recent patches.   It was caused by the game crashing in multiplayer.  I've never had a game crash yet (200 hours, too many, hours in).. So I think you are safe there.  If you have a friend you want to play the game with, I do recommend to ALWAYS be host or have friend to ALWAYS be host.  Just to be safe.  Backup your save often as well.. In case you lose a vehicle in a remote area or have an untimely accident.   Anyways it's been 2 weeks, Im sure you figured it out by now.  SO Im probably just talking to myself.. I do that sometimes. :|

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