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Borgia Flags

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I may  be the only one fool on earth that didn't realize this but, in case there is someone else from the same planet as me, Secret Location flags are not only the ones found on the Secret Locations menu in the DNA sequence (the 5 Lairs of Romulus), the game also counts the Halls of Nero (Sequence 2 - Memory 7 if you need to replay it) as a secret location.


Hope it helps.

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Yep, there's 101 total flags you have to collect. Have fun getting that one that's on the flagpole on top of the Castel Sant'Angelo. While you're up there, parachute off the top of that thing for the easy trophy.


yeah, got all of them yesterday. the parachute jump was cool ;)

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Hi y'all,


I apologize in advance if breaking the forum rules, but think no need to open a new topic for something very probably discussed still want to ask the following:


I have completed the game and the whole story, but does not know that the flags in Romulus Lairs had to be taken when inside...

Now I remained only 7 of them and it turned out that I can not go back in any of the 5 liars to take them. 


Do I need in this case to start all over again ?


:unsure:  :(

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So, anyone ?


After I already discover all LAIRS w/tout take these flags inside, MUST I start the game AGAIN from 0 or there is a way 2 go back in existing game and take'em ?

These damn f***n LAIRS just not open more....  :angry:

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