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looking for PS3 WW1 &2 games with trophy support


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i'm looking for WW1 or 2 games with trophy support.

the last time i played a good ww2 shooter was COD WAW 

i'm a big history buff and enjoy shooters set in the past ALOT more then in the future or now. (come on US civil war games.... !!!!!) 


the games i already have in my collection:

COD 1 



sniper elite V2


i'm really hopeing there are any WW1 or 2 shooters (FPS or 3PS) WITH TROPHY SUPPORT.

i already played brothers in arms HH (great game) and airborne, they have no trophies. 


so please help me search for some good ww1 or 2 games with trophies ! :)


EDIT: not looking for RTS or plane games

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The Saboteur is a great game until you have to blow up 4000 different things. The only other WW2 game I can think of  Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway. If you can put aside the fact that it doesn't have trophies, It's a very enjoyable FPS.

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I also recommend The Saboteur, it was my first plat on an old profile when I first got my PS3. I played it start to finish with nothing else in between. Even though I only do RPGs now it's still one game I refuse to get rid of just because I liked it that much.

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