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Uncharted 3 Trophy Question!


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I feel ya man. These online trophies can be a pain.  The first two are pretty easy though but Stealth Master can be challenging. I'd recommend playing plunder for that one. Just camp out  the idol and when someone grabs it, go in for the stealth kill. I got it done pretty quickly that way.

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I know that's what I'm doing but its freaking hard these days because people join in teams of 5 and they all pros its very hard to get them 3 times because they all stick together. I just need someone help me to distract or something and help each other out with trophies.

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All three are easy except the last one, the 1st one you just really need to kill people and then taunt them (one of the easiest DLC trophies... you do know how to kill people, right?).


How's That Taste? may look hard but if you know what wack n' roll is then this will come naturally ~ 


Stealth Master is a pain in the fucking ass but there is a way to "trick" the game, get 3 people or one buddy who has 2 controllers and get yourself a 2nd controller, you two must find each other in Co-op Hunter and if you do, the villains can boost Assassin medals.


So there are 3 rounds(i think) so you and your buddies will have a chance to boost Assassin medals and maybe get a few new treasures.

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