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Anyone get the bonus PSN Avatar?


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Everyone that completes the "Reached the Daunt" trophy by March 25, 2022, should get an email with a unique code for a special Arbor Day HFW avatar. Three friends got their email on the 26th; I never got it. So I started a chat to ask about it, and the rep insisted it didn't exist. I then mentioned I could send a screenshot showing the email; the rep closed the conversation and marked my case as resolved. I did a second chat, and the agent said the case was already marked as resolved, and there is nothing further PSN can do, and if I contact them again about this issue, my account may be suspended from accessing customer support. I searched online and read horror stories about these agents blocking your account because you aren't happy with their so-called resolution and want an actual resolution. 

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I never knew about this, but I didn't receive an email either.


For these types of promotions, you need to opt-in to get emails from Sony/Playstation.


This particular promotion was the "Play and Plant" program (US only), but I can't find any relation to a free avatar. What I've read seems to revolve around planting trees (up to 300,000) for profiles that earned the trophy. https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/horizon-forbidden-west/play-and-plant/


Sounds to me like those service reps are abusing their power and falsifying resolution claims to keep their support scores high.

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I knew about this promotion and heard that people got an email with an avatar although the promotion seemingly never mentioned anything about it, but never received one myself. Although I've always been opted in for emails from Sony/PlayStation, I only sporadically get them. For example, I got an email with avatars and PS4 themes for getting the platinum in Persona 5 Royal, but never got emails for the earlier 3 avatar/theme bundles and had to contact support to get them. Recently had to contact support because I didn't get an email with avatar/theme for getting Horizon Zero Dawn plat either.


I'd be curious if anyone who got the avatar could mention the date, subject line, and sender of the avatar email they got. Curious what this avatar looks like, too.

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