Pacifist Victory (Solo) - So Difficult!!!

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I'm having trouble with the painful challenge. It took me many matches. Using the Emu to protect the player by the Random/AI shoots the emu. Two people left in the match and Skunk Spray Gas comes forward and player/AI shot me and win. Any tips for the impossible challenge?

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When I did it I actually did the Holy Trinity at the same time (no weapons, no armor and no kills), here are some tips:


Even though it's no weapons, you can still use Banans (only Banans, no other throwable), so try to get a Banan Forker so you at least have a way to heal fast, and you can even use the Banans a bit defensively, they can help you to scape some pursuit in a pinch.


For late game there are 2 options: Skunk Snorkel + Campfires or Cupgrade + Loot.

If the final circle is near(ish) a campfire, try to grab a Snorkel, the healing from the campfire + the reduced damage from Skunk gas help you to sometimes survive long enough for the other players to die. My favorite though, and the way I did it, was with the Cupgrade. I was basically just hiding, and since at the very end you tend to find a lot of loot from other players, I stayed close to someone else's loot, drinking health and as soon as your reserves are about to run out, get close to the health from the loot and they will get replenished so you can keep healing for a bit longer.


Other random stuff that can help: Circles at some kind of building or with some kind of house close by. Basically, just hide at the final circle.

Also, remember that most final players are gonna be low on health anyway because of those final fights, so as long as you are hiding and have the perfect combo (either Cupgrade or Snorkel) you have a pretty good chance of actually winning.


Other than that, it's just luck!

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