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The Close Shave trophy, while very mundane looking, turned out to be the worst in the game for me so far. The 15 knife flights were okay but completing all 50 under the bridge locations was a nightmare. Due to poor game design, this task has got the perfect recipe for trophy hunting disaster. You do get an on screen notification for each completed bridge, but :


  • There is no way to track the bridges you've already completed.
  • You'll complete some of them naturally over the course of the game, due to gold medal or flight school requirements. I was already 8/50 when I started the challenge.
  • Some bridges are very hard to register, even after multiple passes. A lot of people say you need to do them perfectly (without touching walls or water) but in my experience that's wrong. You can totally get a notification after crashing your helicopter in every possible way, or do a spotless run and still get nothing. I just think it's glitchy as hell.


As a result, there is no way to know if no notification means that you had completed the bridge earlier, or that you failed it. So even though I carefully followed a video guide, I was then stuck at 49/50 for many, many hours. I finally found the last one out of a mix of luck and deduction (number 30 on Powerpyx video), but even then it was a complete joke : I passed through it again and again, and the trophy only popped on the 5th or 6th time. I don't know what pushed me to keep trying, even though it clearly didn't look like the right one, but it saved my ass.


Anyway, my take on this is that you should go for this challenge as soon as possible : do NOT go under any bridge before actually attempting the trophy. This way you'll start at 0/50 and it will be much easier to keep track of notifications.


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currently stuck in this exact scenario at the moment lool 49/50, done the video about 20 times.


i'll go and check which one is number 30, im fairly sure I know which one is glitching for me, maybe its that one.


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