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Can someone clarify for me if new Starters of this game can plat it?


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The Apex trophy, yeah. It's the online tutorial, like 3 quick waves. The other 2 are either sp or mp like Mass Effect 3 was back in the day. Sucks you can't do the tutorial offline regardless. I don't think it even required you to play with others.


I can't clarify if you are screwed out of the plat but I see people as of April 19th got that trophy. Could just be a connection hiccup.

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On 4/19/2022 at 10:26 PM, mike_87 said:

Only i installed it a few weeks back and when i tried to sign in online it was failing everytime and i read one trophy you need to do online for the plat

What could help is this: when you are in the main menu, so after pressing x and before choosing single player, multi player etc, it shows your username on top and status offline, connecting, online. Before choosing multi player, wait for the status to go to online. If you enter multi player too soon it might bug out and assume it can’t connect. 

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