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Although I’m generally lenient when it comes to solo dev projects, I can say with definitive confidence that this game is absolutely worth your time and money. It features you (a snail) facing an evil, charismatic A.I. who attempts to predict your movement and places traps in your way to kill you, and make fun of you afterwards, while uncovering a deeper story involving simulations and artificial intelligence. It is quite short, taking about 2-3 hours (playtime varies for the harder difficulties), yet it is dense with variety in its level design, secret areas, bonus levels, collectibles, lore, and even a more challenging variant of every level to sink your teeth into. The controls are also responsive and the game constantly runs at a rock solid frame rate. On top of this, the A.I. is quite a likeable and interactive character, sporting over 1000 unique voice lines to comment on almost any situation that happens in game. This can range from more general scenarios, such as lowering the difficulty or hunting secrets, to others that you might not even notice, such as muting his voice, skipping his voice lines, or standing right on the edge of a platform to where he can not reach you with a spike. Will You Snail is a rare indie gem that should definitely not be skipped.



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Looks really cool, and it has very strong community response on Steam. I'll add it to the wishlist/backlog. Thanks for the heads up!


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