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So me and 2 others along with a fourth who has already finished the game want to 100% this game. Can we do all the multiplayer trophies boosting with 4 people? I know the dlc modes are dead, but is there a game mode we have to play to get the 100% that needs more than 4?

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Here's what I found regarding minimum number of players per game mode.  Not all game modes are listed but it shows most game modes only require four team members to start a lobby.  The good news is that Walker Assault usually has an active lobby going most of the time anyways as it's one of the most popular modes in the game.  The bad news is that DLC modes are showing more than four players and those are more difficult to get an active lobby.


Walker Assault: 20
- Supremacy: 20
- Dropzone: 4
- Blast: 4
- Cargo: 4
- Fighter Squadron: 4
- Hero Hunt: 4
- Droid Run: 4
- Heroes Vs Villains: 4
- Turning Point: 20 (I don’t think there's a trophy tied to this mode)

- Infiltration: 12

- Sabotage: 16


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I made a thread about such things a few years back which might prove useful to you @riolaaaey.



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