Summer 2022 Backlog Challenge

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I am skipping the event this season, but will be back for the fall!


Have fun everyone.


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9 hours ago, Metal Slime King said:


Sure I'll Stack it to the Man. Why not? Cheers!


Update #1


1.) Red Faction: Guerrilla (PS3) - 40%
2.) Jump Force (PS4) - 31% -> 38% [shutdown 8/24]
3.) Blade Kitten (PS3) - 28%
4.) Magrunner: Dark Pulse (PS3) - 15%
5.) Assassins Creed Freedom Cry (PS4, Stand alone DLC) - 5%
6.) Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS4) - 30% -> 72%
7.) LEGO The Incredibles (PS4) - 5%
8.) Super Bomberman R Online (PS4) - 0% -> 100% [shutdown 12/1]

9.) Stick it to the Man (PS4) - 0% -> 4%


Been focusing mostly on FF7R. Beat the normal playthrough and going through hard, so things have slowed down a bit, some parts are pretty tough. I enjoyed the story though I can understand issues people had with it. Given the source, and the amount of player investment in the source, I don't think they could've done anything that would've made everyone happy. I liked the new twists, guess I'll need to invest in a PS5 if I want to see what happens next. :awesome:


Jump Force is going to be a slog but I still want to 100% it before the shutdown date just to be safe. Bomberman I probably wouldn't have bothered to put on my list if I knew how trivial it would be to boost. Thankfully I had a friend who picked up the premium pass on steam and was able to setup private lobbies via cross-play, so that was quick n' easy. If I hadn't played a public match and got two trophies when I first downloaded it, I could've been on the fastest achievers board.

Just note stacking doesn't count in the event. 


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On 2022-05-01 at 0:06 PM, MidnightDragon said:

For this event, you may complete a game you have previously done for a different platform or region before the start of this event, but you may not do the same game multiple times during this event.


Noted. I did the PS3 version of Stick it to the Man way before this event started but I won't bother with the Vita stack


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