Summer 2022 Backlog Challenge

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1 hour ago, sword-blaster45 said:

My games that i want to plat are diablo reaper of souls persona 5 royal  slay the spire werewolf the apocalypse earth blood for now my backlog is huge but i need to look at it per month so but those are the games i want to get platinum trophie from themfor now there are more but that is going to be it for july 

I see four games there. You need five. And list them and their percentages.


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Keep meaning to get to work on my list...and I keep getting distracted. 


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13 hours ago, Darling Baphomet said:

So unfortunately landlord drama has escalated (see my last status) and now we have no wifi whatsoever at my place, and I'm going to be leaving to stay with friends at the end of the month. Said friends live out in the boonies and only have a generator for power, so I probably won't be able to game while out there, which will likely be until August at the very least.


So yeah, not likely to get much more done this event.

Just do what you can. You can always do it again in the fall.


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