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May 5 to May 11, 2022 easily complete DLC "Parkour Fever"


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Just coming to point out something fun: If you started your game in low-gravity mode during the event, and have not exited your game yet, low-gravity mode is still enabled.


At this point I'm not closing the game until I have to do the final 1-2 trophies that require it (no fall damage means no death by kicking, and Rais's goons stop spawning reliably after you get to Old Town).


Update: Took the console off rest mode that night, game had crashed at some point. Not a reliable way to get permanent low gravity lol

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On 9-5-2022 at 6:51 AM, Skurkitty said:

It's just practice and planning, I remember doing them and it was rather enjoyable (imo atleast). I just only ran them at night so I could grab both trophies in one shot once I finally got them down. Kind of sad there have been ways to make it easier, but at the same time I'm glad people are getting to check it off their list.

I second this. I felt so proud about finally getting this done. ANd wrote the dlc guide as my first ever guide on this site. only to find out by some comments later the pyzza suit exists lol. Now with this event it feels like even less of an achievement to have these trophies. But after all these years im glad people dont have to sweat as much as i did back then cuz i wouldnt wish that on anyone. ?

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