If You Ain't Cheatin You Ain't Trying (Easiest way)

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Destroy 2000 cars is a lot. The easiest way to do it, I think, is this:

1. Grab a firefighter truck.

2. Configure the control to set 4 (square button activates and deactivates the emergency missions, instead of R3 button).

3. Each time you activate the firefighter mission and deactivate it without complete it, a car explodes (the car you were supposed to quench with the firehose).

4. Simply push the square button the required number of times, continually activating and deactivating the missions, and thus exploding one car each time.
5. If you have a turbo controller, you can program it to continually push the square button and let it idling. This way you can go do something else instead of waiting for the trophy to pop.

If you don't have a turbo controller, the Rhino tank way is probably funnier, but longer too.

I hope this has helped you. Sauce:



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