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Since I still have some open trophies in this Game, and I know some of you still need some too I thought it might be a good idea to create a thread with the current and in the next few days (expected to) returning LTMs and with which trophies they can be helpful, I'll try to keep this thread as up2date as possible, but I can't promise I'll keep it going when i finished the game.

(Suggestions for improvements of this Thread and trophy tips for upcoming LTMs are welcome in the comments!)


20.05.2022 until 23.05.2022:

"Roll Call"

3 Rounds of "Roll Out", funny Game mode, could be good for fast Qualifys if you are good enough to survive.


23.05.2022 until 25.05.2022:

*"Jump Around"

Back to back Rounds of Jump Club into a Jump Showdown final!


There are a lot more LTMs that got added into this List, wont list them here until the LTMs above got released (since they can be changed at any time)


Scrapped LTM List: (LTMs that were on the list but got deleted)

11.05.2022 until 13.05.2022: "Tip Toe Tournament" (Got removed after a few Hours because of a exploit/bug)

13.05.2022 until 16.05.2022: "Hex Trials" (Got scrapped from the List because of the same issue as "Tip Toe")

20.05.2022 until 23.05.2022: "X-Treme Squads"


LTM List: (a list of all LTM Rotations since the start of this Thread):

09.05.2022 until 13.05.2022: "Slime Climb Time"

13.05.2022 until 16.05.2022: "Golden Goal Challenge"

16.05.2022 until 18.05.2022: "Squad Celebration"

18.05.2022 until 20.05.2022: "Slime Survivors"


Info: LTMs marked with an * are "supposed to come out", these LTMs can be changed at any Time by the Devs.

Source for the upcoming Shows: https://fallguys-db.pages.dev/upcoming_shows

(Unofficial Website which uses Informations from the Game Files or an internal API or something like that)

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