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Tennis in the face is a puzzle action game from creators 10tons, the aim of the game is to knock over the people within the level in as few balls as possible, like Angry Birds but with Tennis Balls.

Completing a level will give 1 to 3 stars depending on how many balls you need to complete, you need to gain enough stars to unlock the final challenge, to beat the 10tons developers which is by far the hardest level on the game.

Oon your way you will most likely gain most of the trophies naturally as some levels are setup for the trophy requirements.


Difficulty: 3/10 (Some skills required)
Time to 100%: 2-3 hours
Platforms: PS3, PS4 PSVita


Below are some videos to help with the trophies:

Trophy: Ball Saver
Trophy Description: Earn at least one extra ball from every level in the first district.



Trophy: Sparing Bounces
Trophy Description: Knock out 5 enemies before the Fourth bounce


Trophy: Tennis In The Face
Trophy Description: Get five headshots with a single serve.


Trophy: 25K
Trophy Description: Score 25,000 points with a single serve.



Trophy: Vending Champion
Trophy Description: Destroy three vending machines with a ball and a single serve.



Trophy: Cash Cow
Trophy Description: Collect three briefcases with a single serve.



Trophy: Explodz Junkie
Trophy Description: Knock out six opponents with a single Explodz explosion.


Trophy: Glass Destroyer
Trophy Description: Destroy 10 pieces of glass during one level.



Trophy: 100 Bounces
Trophy Description: Serve a ball that bounces 100 times.


Trophy: 10tons Defeater
Trophy Description: Defeat the 10tons crew.




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10tons is the best! There are many game developers I've wanted to hit in the head with a tennis ball; only 10tons has actually let gamers do it!


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