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PlayStation 4 Version 1.60 Patch (Pulse/Pulse Elite Enabled)


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Finally the long wait is over!  :yay: 

Thanks a lot SONY! Now..our PULSE/PULSE Elite headsets purchased from last gen won't be gone to waste!

Extended life that is!  :awesome: 


Here's the link guys!: http://www.ibtimes.com/ps4-software-update-playstation-4-version-160-patch-features-new-gold-wireless-headset-video-1552993


My Apology though if this has been posted already. Am just excited and happy to share the good news! 




Cheers! #goodvibes  :highfive: 




UPDATE 1: Audio Problem

​Just in case one of you have problems with the audio output in your Old Reliable PULSE/PULSE ELITE Headsets. Make sure you do the following.:

1. After installation of update 1.60 plug your usb dongle into your PS4 and Turn on the Headset.

2. Once detected you'll be taken back into LOG IN screen (just click/choose your profile to go back to XMB)

3. Once back IN on the upper right corner you'll notice a notification "HEADSET" (meaning your PULSE/PULSE ELITE were detected successfully)

4. Now for the AUDIO. At first you'll noticed that the sounds are still coming out on your TV or into your sound system(like in my case)


6. Then click OUTPUT to HEADPHONES --> choose "ALL AUDIO"

7. This will then transfer all audio output into your Headset(PULSE/PULSE ELITE) Yes, including that melodic-piano-thing sound of the PS4.


Once you turn OFF your headset ALL Audio will then be transferred back to your TV/AUDIO SYSTEM.

Hope information are somewhat helpful.!



Cheers! #goodvibes


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I have a wireless headset Sony Offical bluetooth mic for PS3 can i use that for PS4 i lost the mic it comes with.

The only official release is that, it will enable "Sony Pulse and Pulse Elite owners" to use their

Official Sony Headsets in the PS4 but for the bluetooth mic models alone, am not sure about that...  :hmm: 

though same logic should apply...hopefully SONY did anticipate that as well...

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I've been wanting to get a Pulse Elite for months now but I've been holding off until PS4 compatibility was announced, and yay it is finally here! I actually went to GameStop a few hours ago and picked it up, fantastic headset on PS3! Waiting for the PS4 patch tonight =P

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