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Skilled huntress why do Xbox only need 20?

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The devs have said a few times that Sony stopped them from changing the trophy on Playstation. It was originally 100 for Xbox and PC too but they changed it for being excessive.

Personally, I think that's garbage seeing as they literally just changed a whole bunch of trophies when the Stranger Things chapter delisted and when they altered how the hatch worked. Either way, you're stuck with 100.

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cause PlayStation only lets a change happen unless its 100% impossible to get ( that what the dev said and read/herd ). Witch is stupid, but I guess hard cores would complain they had to do it the hard way. I was getting annoyed  trying to get the legions old way of hitting a survivor and then you have to hit another one and then go back to the old person and down them with the legions power  before they had mended. By the time you got back 7/10 they would be done. then they decided they didn't want the legion being used they were they were being used and change the power and the way to 100%

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