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No trophies autopop when you import a PS4 save to this version.




You can skip a playthrough, at least I did. My last run on PS4 was the Furier run and I did not choose to fight The Star. So the last save was right before The Star. I imported the PS4 save this morning and pressed on continue and was right before the final decision. I chose not to fight The Star and ended my 'new' Furier run right there and got all three trophies for the ending, the Furier difficulty and the S rank on Furier difficulty. So if you have a similar save you can skip a whole playthrough.





The trophy 'Give It a Real Try' unlocked after my first K.O. Your total K.O.s seem to carry over. All other trophies unlocked like they should.


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Yeah I skipped a Furier and Furi playthrough just by loading my The Star save in each difficulty, it's useful. 


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