Thoughts on trophy list. Difficulty and game overall.

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So, short brief: This is an Action-RPG but mostly works like a Metroidvania with a lot of grinding.


Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is a prequel game from Suikoden  series main director Yoshitaka Murayama. A prequel to what, you ask? To Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes (release date 2023, next year) which will be a turn-based JRPG game with a lot of heroes and a new brand IP with its lore, its story and it's characters. It's strange to make a prequel game being released one year before the actual game, and more strange to make these both games on differents genres, but it is what it is. In order words, we should probably not think Hundred Heroes will be similar to Rising cause these games are the same universe and same characters but its gameplay will be very different.


I'm on the Xbox nearly at 100% achievements and went through 35 rough hours of gameplay. Game is simple overall, just going forward, jumping and killing everything in front of you, and destroying everything that can be destroy.


The grinding comes actually for a lot of terrible side-quests missions, each one of them with a pitiful and annoying story, but thanks God we can jump every scene (after 80 side-quests you realize these are a bunch of non-stop stupid storylines like "I'm bored and I want to play" - SIDEQUEST: FIND HIM SOMEBODY TO PLAY and useless things like that.


Thanksfully it's very easy to follow each mission with a lot of marks and guidance, ultimately it's almost impossible to get stuck or lost, and no bugs so far! That's good news.


Main story and the future.

Sadly, main story have a lot of bullshit missions like this one as well, but fear not, after many hours and some really japanese comedy lines you will get to love main characters and actually see the good side of Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising and its beauty. If you enjoy JRPGs and Metroidvanias games, this game is nice and you will enjoy its graphics and japanese comedy-characters styles for sure.


It could be better, tho.


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I really liked that the sidequests were short and simple- definitely too much of both, but better that than endlessly grinding, imo. The fast travel system was generous, but the autosave was nowhere near as reliable as you'd think- I lost almost a solid hour's progress at one point because I was sure it had saved for me.
Story seems to be fairly 'small town dilemma' to me, nothing all that exciting, and fights become trivial even before you gain the combo abilities, at which point everything going forward is a joke. I found the stamp collecting oddly satisfying, even addictive, though I'm nowhere near done and may get sick of it by the end, lol.


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