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Posters don't respawn

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I collected poster required for optional objective in Mission 12 Hellbound in free roam before that mission (was doing a side ops in Central Base Camp). Then I played the mission, obviously poster and resources I collected were not there but I thought it's ok. I played 5 more missions and replayed mission 12 again to complete optional objective, all resources/containers were respawned but not the poster. Then I noticed that all posters stopped respawning at all, not just on Central Base Camp, posters in African locations don't respawn too, the only ones that respawn are two idol girl posters at mother base. Now I've finished mission 31 but still no posters in Afghanistan and Africa.

I'm playing offline on v.1.0 unpatched digital version, already triggered nuke development and will install latest patch after getting Disarmament trophy. I'm on track to finish nuke trophies and Intruder but don't want to start from scratch just because of that single poster/objective as it will prevent getting Executed trophy.
Does anyone experience same issue? Is it a bug in v.1.0 and fixed in latest patch? 

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