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PS5 "Launch Edition" disc is unrecognized


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Has anybody played this game with the physical PS5 disc?  I've tried numerous times and can't get the console to recognize the disc.  Yes... I've tried the disc facing both ways.


There's been three people to review it on Gamefly, so I'm assuming someone has gotten it to work.  Although you aren't required to actually rent/play the game to leave a review, so they could've played the digital version or not at all.


There is a strange wavy pattern on the bottom of the disc (I should have taken a picture), but no scratches or smudges for what it's worth.  I have no issues with other physical games.


Edit: So the wavy pattern is apparently on all Blu-Ray discs, so disregard that.  Still doesn't work, so I'll just return it.

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