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Hi PSN Profiles team,


You do a great job and I love the site but I've become frustrated at times using the search feature via Games > Search. I'd say that a majority of the time, the feature works solid enough but when it doesn't, the results are pretty bad. 


The main issue is that the search function includes all of the words in your search query, not just the whole search string. For example, if I search "Fallout: New Vegas", the proper result is displayed 7th. And other times, even if the search phrase is short, ie: "Doom", the proper game won't appear in the search results until 9th or 12th with "Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom" appearing first, a game with less than 500 owners and less than 10 completions. I can work around this or CTRL+F search like anyone else but better results collation would be much appreciated and save us all on time, especially on mobile. 


I think the quickest fix would to filter results by the first search word alphabetically with perhaps all resulted A-Z below that. And an option to filter results by platform would also be great. If this has been brought up previously, my apologies, however I wanted to throw my hat into the ring and suggest how I think this awesome site can be made even better.


Thanks for your time and consideration.



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