Just a quick tip for for 100k coins

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If you are bored to death with grinding Ring King trophy, I recommend this :

1 - Finish every other trophy first

2 - Use Wolf avatar

3 - Get Lighting wisp which gives coins for killed enemies

4 - Choose stage 7

5 - Finish it once using high path (the one with lighting wispon) with over 900 coins

6 - Record a macro using ps4macro which starts with pushing Square to retry level

7 - Finish recording macro as soon as you see last result screen

8 - Play macro on loop, checking from time to time if it didn't fail


Few tips :

- try to avoid using joystick, use D-Pad if possible

- the less buttons used is better

- try avoiding too quick movement and button mashing


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for this trophy, I use Wolf avatar with Hover wispon equipped, then go to stage 25

there, once you found wind capsule just fly away, get the rings and another wind capsules until near of the stage when you have to run from the ray of light

the fastest time I could get in this stage is 1 minute 45 seconds (about 2 minutes)


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