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Moving countries but keeping trophies

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I'm now considering a move from my country to another one, but would like to be able to continue using my main account.  What I heard somebody do is the following:

- create a new PSN account in the new country (tied to that country);

- buy new games on that new PSN account;

- download to PlayStation using that new PSN account;

- share console with my old PSN account;

- play the new games on my old account to keep old trophies and earn new ones.


The nuance is that someone did that with two accounts from the same country.  In my case, these will be accounts from different countries (I suspect I'll also need a VPN).


Has anyone tried this? Does this really work?



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This works, but... Some DLC's and pretty much all of the Microtransaction currencies are tied to the purchase account, meaning you can't share them under your main account. Same goes for streaming games with PS+ Premium.


You could also just keep using your old account. Edit: Oh, Russia, yeah that might make using your old account not a good solution.

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No need for a VPN. I live in the UK but lived in Ireland and Japan before, and my account is Japanese although I no longer live there. My other account which I never use is Irish, not logged into it in years as I can't buy top up cards for it and my credit card are all british. So I use my Japanese one as it's very easy to get Japanese top up cards online, while irish ones are impossible to buy from abroad or using a UK card.


I never created a UK account, as I've got so many trophies and hard work put into my Japanese one and also like playing Japanese games, but you can easily maintain your current account even if you move. If you are going to give up the credit cards etc. from your country, you would need to use top up cards as you can't use a card that is not of the same region as your account. Like i can't use my british cards on my Japanese or Irish account.

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