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If you like retro games you'll love this, I know I did, the game itself doesn't need a guide, but just for you to know where the game ends xD


All trophies are straightforward, but one. "Upgrade the ship in normal mode"

This trophy I couldn't figure out what exactly you have to do, but I have a clue, sometimes when you kill all enemies from a specific wave you get a star icon, I THINK you should get enough to upgrade (must be cumulative between levels), in the first stage for example you can get 3. There are 2 upgrades, and you need just one, normally you get from stage 3 - 6.

INFO Difficulty: 3.5/10

Time to Platinum: 30 min to hours

Missable: Yes(Upgrade the ship in normal mode)

Fun: 10/10


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Thanks! Couldn’t figure up the upgrade thing either…


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