Anyone tried the old methods to get the Infallible?

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I've read somewhere that the game is "unplatinable" since it has a new launcher. 

It's been a while that I don't play it. 


I was trying to start a trophy streak, but i share my account with my brother and he completely f***d up with everything, playing this f****g game and messing with my list. After it, i started to search if the old exploits still works until I reach the information about a new launcher cutting all the hopes for new players trying the platinum. 


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If by "old method" you think of quitting a game while you are loosing to avoid breaking the win streak, then no, it's been patched long, long ago. So has been the costom games one.

Getting it while playing Sweet Thieves or timeouting during low gravity Hex-a-gone still works, but we don't know when those games will be back and if the will before the update for the next season potentially block the old client to connect to the servers.


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