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This or Doodle Devil? Not This


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If you are thinking of either buying this game or Doodle Devil then I would have to suggest buying Doodle Devil instead, these are basically the same game except Doodle God seems to be the worst of the two. The text is very hard to read (in both games) due to it being really small leaving you squinting after a while of playing. (I ended up playing this and DD in the same night and my eyes were sore as anything due to playing and trying to read the text on both games for 2 hours or so) Both games are ok but not really what I expected from a game with Doodle in the title, as the image conjured up by the title suggests you draw something not combine things. (Which really does get rather boring after a while) So if you are interested in either game I would say try the facebook version first before you pay money like I did and end up a bit disappointed that you bought them instead of something else.

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