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What game can revive Surviva Horror ?


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I agree, I'd love to see another Parasite Eve :)


I'd go with Alien: Isolation, I know Colonial Marines "blah. blah, blah".

This one actually is Canon though and has a lot stronger story, atmosphere is intense. Only one Xenomorph, yes I said one.

i totally forgot about alien:isolation

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Id even like to see quantic dream take a serious attempt at it


Yes, this is a brilliant idea. You need to pitch this. :highfive:

Honestly, I would like to see another IP with the same sort of atmosphere as System Shock 2 and Bioshock being built as a survival horror. Bethesda's, "Evil Within" looks promising....like a new Silent Hill type of game, but I would really love to see Kevin Levine try and take another go at it. Hell, maybe even Valve's Left 4 Dead 3 will be more concentrated on horror! You never know. :awesome:

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I think you will see a revival on consoles just with all of the PC ports.


I seriously think Alien: Isolation will be that game. I am a huge Alien fan and have picked over every tidbit of info I can find. The game IS that promising. Unless EA gives up the mindset of more action is better, I never see Dead Space reverting back to the original (last game that seriously made me jump).

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Outlast does a damn good job.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent on PC is fantastic, and I also think the Souls games (Dark Souls and Demons Souls) are better at the 'survival horror' elements than any currently release traditional Survival Horror.

If you like Indie games then Lone Survivor (on Vita and PS3) is a great ammo-scarce survival horror too

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