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Hey all


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So where to start? I am called Byron (Flea Sixty) I am 37 years old, have 2 kids and a great missus (1 day after buying my PS4 she said why not get a Vita to go with it, now thats pretty sweet!) and have been gaming since I was about 4 which has seen me play some awesome games (is it still cool to say awesome these days? I mean the turtles are on their way back with a new film so I probably could have used radical instead but that seems so 90's) I have been around on the net and got involved in a few different gaming sites such as x360a and Console Heroes in the early days of the 360 before I jumped to the PS3. (As a result of this I have been lucky enough to have been sent quite a few free games for reviewing and even managed to get on Sega's shitlist after slagging off each of the games they sent me in reviews, to be fair though they were garbage and I traded them in at Game a few days later for better games.)


These days I play when I get chance, i.e. Vita on the bus to work and so on and so forth, as well as playing on the PS3 and 4 I recently dug out my PS2 after picking up Monster Attack (The very first EDF game, which is a joy to play although it looks like crap) So that's basically me. 

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