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I like how nobody on that show looks like they're in high school.

Jajajaja its true

Pretty sure you could have at least given an opinion too O.o Isn't that what is done when you like something ?


I agree with Mem. Give your opinions first :|

OK, my opinion is : Glee is a fantastic program that is people who surpass themselves, right through singing (my opinion)

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Wait.. they're like teenagers? Really doesn't show it lol I have to agree, everyone is way too old looking for their roles then, look like college/uni students more than High School ones.  I was forced to watch an episode by a friend one time.. never again.  I did not have any idea what I was watching as it did not make any sense, not a fan of musicals.

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I'd rather have the Incredible Hulk stomp on my nards than watch an episode of Glee. My girlfriend loves that show and I have no idea why, all I see is a bunch of people who are way old to be playing teenagers destroying what used to be decent songs. 


My thoughts exactly. I can't stand Glee but my wife loves it and unfortunately it is (or was) on Netflix so I've had to suffer through quite a bit of the episodes. Hulk stomping on my nards would be a great deal better methinks. 




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