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Just knowledge sharing.


Lost and Found only requires you to complete the two lost item missions, it doesn’t matter how. I destroyed the first item instead of handing it back and still got the trophy. And this is a better in game outcome too.


Also, the card collection of weapons, monsters, characters, etc seems to be saved separately. I can confirm that if you get game clear data when you still have 10 items to unlock, load your save from before the final boss, get those 10 items, then start a new game with your game clear data, even though you hadn’t unlocked those 10 items when you cleared the game, they will be there anyway. So it is absolutely safe to defeat the final boss before getting all collection items, mopping up the collection, then starting a new game to get the new game plus exclusive ring and the 100% item collection trophy. You do not need to beat the final boss again- phew!


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I'll never know.  The final boss is fucking garbage and cheap as fuck.  I'm going to see if there isn a way to delete the game from my profile.  I wish I never spent  my money on this game.  It's a big fat fucking F for Fail!


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