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Can you play "A Machine for Pigs" before "The Dark Descent" (story wise)

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I plan to start playing the Amnesia Collection again soon. I played "The Dark Descent" very briefly and have almost no memory of this game, it has been a while. Now I was wondering if it is possible to play "A Machine for Pigs" first instead of "The Dark Descent"? I have never played "A Machine for Pigs" or even seen gameplay of it so I don't know what it is about or anything like that so maybe this would be better to start with instead of "The Dark Descent" which I have played before.


I'm mainly talking about the story here. I'm not quite sure if the two (not counting Justine) games are connected?

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A Machine for Pigs, I would say, is pretty standalone other than I think the main character is Daniel's distant relative. Also, A Machine for Pigs is more story-based as in there aren't as many dangerous encounters as in The Dark Descent so it's a much smoother ride.

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