How to catch Gigar/Perogon?

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I have three animals left to catch in moon, with Gigar being one of them. However, I have no idea how to catch them since they are alive. The GameFAQs Guide states that you can let the Hero kill Gigar and catch them that way, but I had fended the Hero off by using the costume (while on fire) so Gigar is still alive. The moonRPG Wiki states that "specific events are needed to trigger in order for the protagonist to obtain Perogon's Love" so I'm assuming that the aforementioned event is what it's referring to?


If so, does that mean that catching Gigar is missable and I would have to start a new playthrough since I have already finished that event long ago in my current game?


UPDATE: Just got the platinum, which includes catching all of the animals and it seems that the event at the house where you fend off the Hero is how you "catch" Gigar, for a lack of a better word, even though he never dies.

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